Rated M for Ho-Down

Rated M for Ho-Down


Game Politics reports that a bill before the Oklahoma state senate proposes tax breaks for game developers, but only if their game is suitable the less world-weary gamer under the age of 17. If their game is rated M (Mature) or AO (Adults Only), there’s really no reason for developers to mount up and move to Oklahoma besides the [whatever people in Oklahoma grow, possess, or participate in].

The authoritative opinion of local news reporters is that this bill ain’t bile to the hordes because the games with the highest turnover are those which titilate audiences in the way that only emerging from a subway to repeatedly mulch an unwitting commuter can. The oft-acknowledged reality is that violence can be packaged and marketed uncontroversially to under 17s – cuddly Spyro The Dragon (suitable for ages 10 and up) sets his enemies alight, for chrissakes. The ultimate victim of this legislation – if the attractive people on the telley are wrong – would be the already almost non-existent romance genre. A little bit of blue side-boob is all it takes to get an M rating in the States. For the sake of all of us who know we’re never going to enter a real relationship, I implore you – Mr Oklahoma, tear down this porn … wall … yeah that’ll do.

5 thoughts on “Rated M for Ho-Down

  1. It’s actually an insipid world we seem to live in where politicians will give people tax breaks to the detriment of artistic creativity. I can see this coming up in an article I’m thinking of writing soon.

  2. ^ You have the Sight! How did you just predict that?!

    Yeah, Mass Effect wasn’t even explicit. At all. I used that time to eat while I wasn’t in control of the game. All you do is save people! And if you do bad things, you get evil points! That alone makes the game suitable for kids, I say. And the scary AI voice will teach them how to clean poop out of their pants in a hurry.

    Still, tax breaks weren’t there before, now they are, so that’s good.

  3. There’s an excellent PvP strip on the topic of side boobs, however I’ll be damned if I’m going to trawl through several years worth of comics in the search for it.

  4. This is really an extension of an earlier, failed effort to classify violent games as porn; it was signed into law and struck down in 2006. So now they attempt to work the other direction, hoping to give money to folks to make content appropriate for the ‘chilluns. Doubtless the lions share of the tax breaks would go to folks making games about/associated with the christian recounting of events in Judea around 1AD.

    Fact: Oklahomans take trips up to Kansas in order to purchase actual pornography and associated materials. Ironic desperation that.

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