Rayman Legends delayed, goes multiplatform

Rayman Legends delayed, goes multiplatform

It’s been revealed that one of the most anticipated Wii U exclusives, Rayman Legends, will no longer feature only on the Nintendo console and will now be coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. In addition, the sequel to 2011’s sublime Rayman Origins (which was also released on multiple platforms) was intended to be released at the end of February but has now been delayed until September.

With the announcement of this delay adding to the number of Wii U games that have missed their intended “launch window” and loss of such a high profile exclusive, Nintendo’s new console is suffering from a lack of releases. However, the Wii U version still looks like it may be the definitive version of the game when it sees release later this year due to the inclusion of various gamepad features and dual-screen support.

One thought on “Rayman Legends delayed, goes multiplatform

  1. Not a great but of news for Wii U owners, but coming multi platform is good, going to be a great game I think.

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