Reckless Squad Released

Reckless Squad Released

Reckless Squad is a newly released indie real-time strategy game from D2P Games which sees you take control of a squad set to defend a mysterious convoy as it travels the earth. As is to be expected you have a variety of units to choose from, anything from the humble peasant to a Black Mage can be employed, at a cost, to defend your convoy.

What makes Reckless Squad interesting is the promise that each journey will be unique thanks to the procedurally generated levels and environments which will also scale back based on how you perform in previous levels. This, along with a universe said to include Ninjas, Pirates and Werewolves, got my attention.

There is a demo available on the official site to give you a taste of what to expect in the full game which can be purchased for $9.99 from GamersGate.

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