Recycling Regurgitation: McMillen’s Spewer

Recycling Regurgitation: McMillen’s Spewer

Mmm Milky White Cloud Vomit.

Edmund McMillen has released a new flash game, apparently his last this year (don’t worry, No Quarter is still coming out this year, along with Super Meat Boy), called Spewer, where you play a Hamster with a bit of indigestion. As is McMillen’s wont, the game is a little bit gross, but loads of fun, having you use your vomit as a way to traverse the terrain, be it flinging you across the level with a plume of puke flying behind you, or filling up a hole so you can swim across. I’m just glad there aren’t any chunks in it.

You can play the game here, or download it here.

One thought on “Recycling Regurgitation: McMillen’s Spewer

  1. The post title reminds of a level from World of Goo :D

    McMillen is an awesome dev, hope he has some real success with Super Meat Boy and No Quarter

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