Red Alert 3: Uprising – First Details

Red Alert 3: Uprising – First Details


The first details on a new Red Alert 3 expansion pack have been revealed in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK. Subscriber copies have just been delivered while the mag will appear in shops on the 15th January.

The expansion will be titled Uprising and will be released this summer as a digital download. Uprising will take the Allied ending to Red Alert 3 as canon with the Soviets being cast as underdogs and the Empire of the Rising Sun battling to regain its honour. The fast pace of the original game will be maintained with a total of 11 new units filling out the tech trees.

One of these new units, as described by Senior Producer Amer Ajami will be like “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze meets Super Mario” and will be known as the Cryo Legionnaire, a remix of RA2’s Chrono Legionnaire. The Soviets will see the Grinder appear, simply a tank with a massive meat grinder on the front. Continuing in their tradition, the Empire will get the biggest unit in the game in the Giga Fortress.

That is not all, Holly Valance will be making an appearance and there will be a new game mode: Commander’s Challenge. This new game mode promises to be a series of unique themed challenges each with their own special rules. Progressing through the scenarios will unlock more units to add to the mix.

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