Red Alert DRM Change on Steam

Red Alert DRM Change on Steam

Red Alert 3

A very interesting change has occured with the Steam version of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, the DRM that came with the game, SecuROM has been removed. As such the Steam version of the game is only using Steam technology as DRM.

The Steam news update on this change provides this link for those who want more information on removing the SecuROM technology from their machines.

This is a positive change to the game, just using Steam as DRM method is the right thing for RA3, and any game on Steam.

Some details on this change from Aaron Kaufman, the C&C Community Manager:

We did not change the DRM policy, we removed DRM from the STEAM version because it wasn’t meant to be on there because STEAM has their own form of “DRM” (i.e. STEAM itself). This was a mistake on our part that it was initially included.

We haven’t confirmed Uprising will be on STEAM, but you can bet we are looking into it. No games on STEAM are allowed to used SecuROM. Again, that is because STEAM has their own protection.

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