Red Crucible An Indie Browser Game

Red Crucible An Indie Browser Game

As we all know browser based multiplayer 3D games are starting to become a rising force in gaming with Battlefield Heroes and Quake Live leading the charge. Look beneath the glossy games coming from the big studios and you will find a little game called Red Crucible.

Developed by Rocketeer Games Red Crucible features tanks and shooting. Sounds simple and it is simple. Jump into a game through the website or even Facebook and blast away with your favourite armoured vehicle of choice. The game is still in the early stages of development, the beta of version 0.9 has just been released and the team have plans to take the game to Myspace, the iPad and Hi5 along with downloadable clients for Windows and Mac. The best bit? Players from any platform will be able to play against each other using the ‘Master Server’ system being used.

As we all know, not all free games are really truly free. There are various upgrade available if you wish to fork out the dosh, but who is going to be doing that when you can just drive around in tanks all day? Soon enough you won’t be limited to tanks with plans for infantry and choppers to be included later in development.

It is a bit quiet at times at the moment but enjoyable if you do find some people to play with, I had a thoroughly satisfying killing spree earlier, watching the tanks blow their tops is a rewarding sight. The game is fun to play and the plans they have for the future sound promising and the team have submitted the game to the IGF.

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