I just stumbled accross Rein on IndieGames and just had to share it. It is a short game, a very short game really. Creator Darius Poyer describes the game thus Rein, to constrain or be guided by constraint, is a game about survival, escape and medical research! (mostly survival).

It reminds me somewhat of the beginning of Half-Life with disaster happening in a research lab, but of course it is an adventure game, no an FPS. There is a lot of atmosphere for such a small game and it auto-saves in each new room allowing you to simply continue from where you were if you die. Great ending too. Download it here.

2 thoughts on “Rein

  1. Good call, but it left me aching for more. An enjoyable sharp, brutal, and well-written little experience.

    Reminds me strongly of ‘The Dig’ in art-style and theme. I want a game like this, with occasional mild combat aspects and smooth, Abe-like controls. That lasts hours.

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