Rejoice! Dead Cells Launches

Rejoice! Dead Cells Launches

Rejoice dear readers, for Dead Cells has hit version 1.0, and is now available in the wild on Steam and assorted console gizmos. To celebrate, developers Motion Twin reveal in their release blog that they will celebrate by going to ye olde pub. In the 454 days the game has been in Early Access, there have been 79 updates, including 10 major feature or content releases. Boy, it seems worth the wait for this release version to go live.

We’ve talked about Dead Cells before, I first came about it at EGX last year and took an in-depth look at it back in October, while Kevin seemed pretty excited when Motion Twin confirmed their August release date. I’ve taken a quick dive back into this rogue-lite, metroidvania action-platformer for the first time in several months, and I was immediately struck by the new level of polish, changes to gameplay and hints of a story. I’m excited to play more. For now, please make do with a video of my journey through the first level of Dead Cells on my return to the game.

For more details, why not head over to the official site.

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