The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – EA Conference

The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – EA Conference

OK, have we all had a break? Had something to eat, ready for more E3? Good. Now it’s time to take on EA’s press conference. Hopefully a bit less Kinect-focused than MS’ offering, we’re expecting Battlefield 3, Mass Effect, SSX and a few surprises from this one. Get yourselves to your video feeds, and have this open up in an adjacent window as I subject you all to more strained jokes and commentary while we watch the stream together like friends. Or that creepy stalker who phones you up while you’re doing your laundry. Hello! I can see you!

EDIT: Updates are currently in reverse order, with the earliest at the bottom of the page.


2 thoughts on “The Reticule (Not Quite At) E3 – EA Conference

  1. The Run looks….interesting! Like you Ben was hoping for more of a Mirrors Edge on foot than QTE, but looks exciting :D

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