Retro Invasion Announced by Makers of Beatbuddy

Retro Invasion Announced by Makers of Beatbuddy

Two years ago, I played and delivered my Verdict on a game called Beatbuddy, which despite one or two niggling issues, was a game full of character. When developers Threaks announced their new title at Gamescom this week, I was naturally curious and so, I bring you word of Retro Invasion.

Retro Invasion is described an an “intense co-op brawler in which the old videogames reclaim their space on the screen by turning the world into voxels.” With the world on the brink of voxel based disaster, it is up to the modern shooter Mike and his pixelised brawler buddy Rik to save the day.


I do like the art style, but part of me is disappointed about the focus on co-op…I’m not sure at the moment what options there would be for singleplayer action, but I hope Threaks ensure solo players can make the most of it.


Threaks have thrown Retro Invasion onto Steam Greenlight and are currently aiming for a Q4 2016 release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With Beatbuddy coming to the Wii U this week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Retro Invasion appear there as well, or on Nintendo’s next machine. Lots of things are going on at Gamescom, but what do you all reckon about this?

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