Rift Joins the Free-to-Play Landslide

Rift Joins the Free-to-Play Landslide

Nowadays it seems as if every man and his dog are creating free-to-play games, of which the MMO market certainly isn’t short of its share. Rift, Trion Worlds fantasy MMORPG has recently unveiled that it will be joining the popular movement from subscription based play to offer its existing and new players a free gaming experience. They promise “No trials, no tricks, no traps. From now on, you can log in to your current characters or create new characters without level or content restrictions.” As an added bonus Trion Worlds are offering all existing members bonus Loyalty depending on the previous subscription length. These additional benefits include extra bag and bank slots not granted to new free-to-play accounts.

If you’ve yet to try Rift now is as good as time as any with masses of content free to every player. For more information on the switch see this handy FAQ or better yet if you’ve already made your mind up download the game for free here.

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