Risk Your Own Kitchen Nightmare in Recipe for Disaster

Risk Your Own Kitchen Nightmare in Recipe for Disaster

Have you ever thought about becoming a restaurateur, but feared Gordon Ramsey himself coming along, shout obscenities at you and filming an episode of Kitchen Nightmares in your own domain? Put those fears to one side as Dapper Penguin Studios (of Rise of Industry) have unveiled restaurant sim, Recipe for Disaster coming to PC later this year.

In Recipe for Disaster you will done the whites of an inexperienced head chef, with lofty ambitions of following in the footsteps of culinary greats like Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver. Maybe without the TV show gig of course.

Alongside building and designing your restaurants, you will be hiring and firing your team of procedurally generated waiters and chefs, manging their personalities to avoid a combustible working environment.

Unlike Dorfromantik which we wrote about yesterdayRecipe for Disaster probably isn’t a calming and soothing game, and looks set to be a manic stress-filled adventure in managing a restaurant. But if you’re a budding chef, this might teach you a few key life lessons, or just go wild and make some wild culinary delights.

Check out the Steam page for more on Recipe for Disaster.

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