Rob Fearon’s New Game ‘Death Ray Manta’ Is Like Geometry Wars Times Forty

Rob Fearon’s New Game ‘Death Ray Manta’ Is Like Geometry Wars Times Forty

If you’ve ever played Geometry Wars you’ll know that it’s fast paced, colourful and addictive. Now imagine that times forty with a side order of crazy and more visual stimulation than you could ever imagine, and you’ll be on roughly the same level as I am right now.

Death Ray Manta, Rob Fearon’s new PC arcade shooter, has you battling through increasingly trying stages with your trusty Manta and its rays of, well… death. The objectives are as follows: take out enemies, collect power ups, survive as long as possible, do not go blind. Often the hardest of those objectives is in fact the last one, as a cacophony of colours frequent every nook and cranny of the screen throughout each stage making it hard for you to concentrate at the best of times.

Credit should be given to this game firstly for it’s polished look and feel, and secondly for its downright addictiveness. The controls are simple and the bursts of gameplay you are given in the form of each round, are enough to make you come back for more, and more, and more.

For those interested, below is a teaser video of some gameplay from a test version of the game. Beware though, you may need to wear some form of protective eye wear, a welding mask should suffice. Also keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for a secret announcement regarding the game.

Death Ray Manta is due to be released exclusively on PC and Mac in September.

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