Rome II vs Europa Universalis IV – The Video-Off

Rome II vs Europa Universalis IV – The Video-Off

The next couple of months are shaping up to provide fans of Grand Strategy (capitalised because they are Grand of course) games with a difficult choice, do they go for Rome II: Total War or Europa Universalis IV? It is most certainly going to be a good time for those who like to pretend they can rule the small known world in either the time of the Roman Empire or the whole globe across three centuries of monarchistic back-stabbing. How best to see how these two games shape up than with two videos which were released to the wild today.

In this Europa Universalis video Project Lead Thomas Johansson takes a look at war in the game along with some very fancy army animations on the world map. There are also lots of different coloured provinces, but I do have to admit that the interface is looking a bit sleeker than in other Grand Strategy games from Paradox.

The team of Trish Ryniak and Campaign Designer Dom Starr from The Creative Assembly show off a big chunk of the campaign map in Rome II which still looks as draw-droppingly brilliant as it did when I saw it at Rezzed.

I think I prefer the style of the Europa Universalis video though, but maybe that is just because we aren’t used to big developers doing videos like that. Anyway, which of the two will you play? I’ll probably play both and bounce off them due to the massive time-sinks they can be, but that is just me.

4 thoughts on “Rome II vs Europa Universalis IV – The Video-Off

  1. As a long time, die hard, fanboy of the Total War series, I can honestly say, I’m more excited about EU:IV. After the depth of Crusader Kings 2, I dont think I’ll be as enthralled but the campaign game of TW games as I used to.
    That said, I’ll definitely be getting both.

  2. For me, I would have the both, but EUIV is more attractive for me for several reasons : the length of a game session, the possibility, … But Rome 2 has also attractive stats.

  3. As a long time total war player. I have as much intelligence as the game’s AI. Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to understand eu4 at all so I’ll stick to rtw2.

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