Rough Round The Edges – WWE 12

Rough Round The Edges – WWE 12

I am a big fan of wrestling, so it was with great expectation that I purchased WWE 12 just after Christmas looking forward to a game which would let me feel the thrill of all the big hitting in-ring action in my own home once again. For the most part it is a very enjoyable title with some of the best customisation options around, everything from characters to arenas and story lines can be created in the game. It is just a shame that it is rough around the edges. Hit the jump for some grating examples.

In one of my first matches I saw CM Punk clip through the body of Alex Riley.
Beth Phoenix was referred to as ‘him’ and ‘he’ when she helped my custom character lead a beat down on Kofi Kingston.
Yoshi Tatsu attacking when I interfered in a match he was involved in even though we are allies and tag team mates.
AI wrestlers running in the opposite direction to their opponent and attacking thin air.
Michael Cole on commentary.
Performing a running move across the ring with two wrestlers in the way.

The sad thing? These are AI issues I have seen appear time and time again in the recent WWE games and they really detract from the matches. I don’t remember these glaring issues appear in N64 classic WWF Attitude.

Two other points to mention, where are 4-way tag team matches, and why can’t we perform moves on top of a table?

Regardless, I am enjoying the game, and I know Ben has played it a fair bit too. I just know that the game could be so much more than what it is presently.

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