Sampling Alien Technology: XCOM Demo Available

Sampling Alien Technology: XCOM Demo Available

This is a pleasant surprise. Far more present than ending a turn with no action points left only for a posse of extra-terrestrials to step around the corner with plasma rifles blasting. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen to you.

In a rare event for the medium these days, but which appropriately reminds us of what was common place back in 1994, Firaxis Games has released a demo of XCOM, their upcoming remake X-COM: Enemy Unknown. The demo can be acquired from Steam (5.5GB) while you wait for the full game’s release on 11th October.

Firaxis are also offering rewards for unspecified numbers of pre-orders. In the style of Kickstarter stretch-goals, they have offered three stages of rewards that all pre-orders will receive. The first reward pack (already unlocked) includes an additional soldier that evokes the blonde and flat-topped man from the original game’s artwork, plus cosmetic add-ons and customisable paint jobs for the soldiers’ suits. The second pack (also unlocked) added a handful of XCOM-themed items for TF2. Finally, the third level gives everyone who pre-ordered a free copy of Civilization 5 (worth £20).

XCOM is coming out on PC.

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