Scania Truck Simulator Shots And Euro Truck Simulator 2 Maps

Scania Truck Simulator Shots And Euro Truck Simulator 2 Maps

It is Sunday, the first day of my week off work, and what do I do first? I hunt down the latest from SCS Software on Scania Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2. I may play the DiRT: Showdown demo later to inject some excitement into my life. Before that though, hit the jump to learn more about what you can expect in Scania Truck Simulator and get a glimpse of the map that you will be able to drive along in its bigger brother due out later this year.

SCS say that Scania Truck Simulator is nearing completion with the last bit of bug fixing required. They have also released a bunch of new images taken from the Dangerous Drives mode of the game, of which there are twelve different missions. This is in addition to a training mode, free roaming and a section dedicated to Scania’s Young European Truck driver competition.

SCS have also revealed large swathes of the map for European Truck Simulator 2 and they have revealed that 30 man-years have been invested into working on the map, but that this is still only a step towards their goal of creating a future map which will cover the whole of Europe. Take a look at it below, it is quite impressive so far.

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