Scarygirl Released; Octopi, Jellyfish and Rabbit-men Rejoice!

Scarygirl Released; Octopi, Jellyfish and Rabbit-men Rejoice!

Deep sea Bunnies. They eat sea-carrots, which are like sea-snails, but carrots, obv.

Scarygirl, the wonderful looking cartoon platformer by ludicrously accomplished illustrator Nathan Jurevicius, has been released, today, for free, in your web browser. This means that you can play it without even going through the annoyance of even downloading it. This also means you have absolutely no excuse not to play it. What, you’ve got work to do? That’s not an excuse, that’s an occupation. Or something. Just go play it, it’s worth it for the intro video alone. Still not convinced? What if I told you it was a wonderfully accomplished, perhaps slightly too imprecise with the controls but worth looking at anyway because of the gorgeous visuals platformer? I don’t think you’re in a position to remark on my convoluted descriptions. Fine, look at this trailer then go and play!

Scarygirl Game Trailer from Touch My Pixel on Vimeo.

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