Serious Sam 3: BTE Trailer Shows Off 4-Player Split-Screen

Serious Sam 3: BTE Trailer Shows Off 4-Player Split-Screen

[youtube id=”RT2eX6kW00U” width=”600″ height=”350″]
Rich Knuckles, a fictional helpline attendant, has returned once again in the second episode in the series of promo videos for Serious Sam BTE. Much like the game promises to be, the new trailer is over-the-top, full of action and laced with a great sense of humour. In between bouts of Rich responding angrily to callers the video shows us more footage of the upcoming game including a few shots of the 4-player split screen mode.

Serious Sam 3 is shaping up to be similar to previous games in the series with bright environments, inventive weapons and crazy enemies all making appearances. Developers Croteam are also looking to avoid conventions that have become synonymous with modern days FPSs such as cover-based gameplay and regenerating health.

It’s a risky strategy which may leave Serious Sam 3: BTE feeling outdated, but if the game is anything like the promos then it’s going to be pure unadulterated fun.

Here is the first video if you missed it:

[youtube id=”HtEmAehhNT8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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