Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms IP Rights Return to Developers

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms IP Rights Return to Developers

Both Kevin and myself played Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms (official Facebook page) last year, and Kevin was somewhat impressed by the action-RPG. The trouble is, publishers bitComposer Entertainment fell into insolvency soon after Shadows was released. In a welcome turn of events, developers Games Farm, have acquired the distribution and publishing rights to the game and have grand plans for the future.

This is certainly good news, while neither Kevin or myself thoughts Shadows was going to be a world beater, it was certainly a solid action-RPG, and it would have been a shame if the story couldn’t be completed. Having taken back control of the rights to Shadows, Games Farm are keen to get back into the swing of things with the future of the team. CEO Peter Nagy commented:

It was our intention from the beginning to bring only the best gaming experience to players. However, after our long-term partner bitComposer Entertainment AG filed for insolvency in late 2014, the future of our games was in severe jeopardy. However, the acquisition of the publishing and distribution rights now gives us the freedom to develop and enhance our games and ensures them a bright future, something which our fans deserve.

Lead programmer at Games Farm, Jan Turan, gave an insight into what we can expect from the team moving forward:

We are now committed to ensuring that the promises made to players are kept and that Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms will receive major updates and extensions in 2015 and 2016.

As a reward for the faithful fans of Shadows, the three pieces of DLC that were previously only available as part of the Deluxe Edition are being made available to everyone for free, while those who purchased the Deluxe Edition will be granted access to the prequel story, Kult: Heretic Kingdoms for free.

The team are celebrating the news of acquiring the rights to their catalogue by offering a 50% discount to their games available via Steam. This offer is also being extended to their other series, Air Conflicts.

It’s great news to see that Games Farm have been able to bring their IP back from the previous publishers and that these games will continue to be supported over time. Progress has already been made, with the first update to Shadows being released today.

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