Shedding My Identity Like a Slippery Mongoose

Shedding My Identity Like a Slippery Mongoose

My Artistic Flare Remains Unaltered.

After my post about The Hitler Problem got linked a few times further than I’d anticipated, and those who wrote about it were forced to use ‘The Poisoned Sponge’ as an author, I’ve decided it’s time to switch it around. I’m now writing under Phill Cameron, but I’ll keep The Poisoned Sponge as a moniker to use in Steam and the like. My blog will stay the same, and I hope you won’t all get too confused.

10 thoughts on “Shedding My Identity Like a Slippery Mongoose

  1. Hmmm, been thinking of going for “Greg Wild” myself. I had an identity crisis when we set up actually. Couldn’t decide what name to use :D

    We’ll see. For now the Ghost of Communism past remains.

  2. And thus, he joined the immortal group, with the likes of Cliffy “I’m not CliffyB!” B amongst its number…

  3. You do have to, however, put up with people going “What? THE Chris Evans.” Before reassuring them that you are not infact the DJ and former presenter of the Big Breakfast.

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