Ships Get Real in Leviathan: Warships Trailer

Ships Get Real in Leviathan: Warships Trailer

Ships are getting serious and down to business in the announcement trailer for Leviathan: Warships, a tactical action game from developers Pieces Interactive and mega-PC publisher Paradox Interactive. But Paradox are spreading their wings from the PC-only brigade as Leviathan is going to be multi- and cross-platform with PC, Mac, iOS and Android gamers able to come together in co-operative and player-v-player game modes. More details and trailer follow.

In Leviathan players will build and customise their fleets using a variety of hulls and weapon platforms. Players will then set orders for their units during their turn before watching all the action unfold on the open seas. It sounds a little bit like a PvP version of Positech’s Gratuitous Tank Battles in some aspects, which is definitely not a bad thing. You need not fear though if you aren’t of the persuasion to compete online with others, there will be a offline campaign and challenge mode.

Beware of ships and water in the following trailer, if you don’t like either it might be best to avoid the game altogether.

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