Shock Horror – Zombies Coming To WiiU

Shock Horror – Zombies Coming To WiiU

It looks like the WiiU isn’t going to be solely about Mario titles as Ubisoft revealed at E3 that ZombiU is coming to Nintendo’s console. Could you guess it would by the convenient U at the end of the name?

In all seriousness, the game sounds fairly interesting, it will be set in London where a great zombie plague is destroying society. You will fight to survive, and interestingly, the WiiU pad will be your ‘Bug-Out Bag’ or BOB. You can see the game pad in action in this trailer.

In what is quite a bold move, if your character dies you can’t return to their body, they are a zombie and you take control of a new character without the BOB that is stuck with your zombified previous character. It sounds fairly interesting, and shows us that the WiiU isn’t just another all-out family friendly hippy console.

There is even a multiplayer mode called Survivors vs Zombies. Here, one player takes the role of Zombie Master in a top-down view where you can spawning enemies and traps into the game. The survivor is in a first-person perspective and must fight to, well survive. This all sounds quite similar to a Half-Life 2 mod called Zombie Master.

ZombiU will be released at launch with the WiiU.

One thought on “Shock Horror – Zombies Coming To WiiU

  1. Okay, the incredibly cheesy ‘God Save the Queen’ announcement trailer really put me off but this looks fun and plenty of clever uses for the touchscreen. It doesn’t mean I’m going to buy the WiiU, though.

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