Shocking – Guild Wars 2 One Week Away

Shocking – Guild Wars 2 One Week Away

It is fair to say that this has been a very slow summer of games, but things are picking up again, and one game which I have managed to lose track of is Guild Wars 2. The non-subscription MMO is coming out next Tuesday, though if you have pre-ordered from the official site you get access three days early.

I’m not normally a fan of MMOs, the traditional monthly subscription format has put me off and I haven’t delved into any of the new free-to-play titles which are taking over the world. But Guild Wars 2 has me interested, promises of a fast-paced combat system and engrossing storyline have me tempted. However, I baulked at the idea of spending ¬£49.99 for the digital edition and went for the traditional approach of a supermarket pre-order. I might hate it when I get into the game, or I may love it, but I am going to take the plunge to try and conquer my MMO fear. Anyone else taking the plunge?

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  1. I have been looking at GW2 for a long time. Tried to get into some of the beta’s with no luck but have watched a lot of gameplay of it and heard a lot of opinions. Can’t decide whether I’m excited by it or not yet. Played WoW for four years so it’s not like MMO’s bring many surprises to the table any more.

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