Show Me The Games Does A Bundle

Show Me The Games Does A Bundle

Show Me The Games, the indie-game portal created by Positech’s Cliff Harris has released its’ first bundle deal where you can get five indie games for just $28.50, a saving of $81.33. If you want to support indie game developers by paying them directly then this is the bundle for you.

The five games available are Gratuitous Space Battles which is Cliff’s own space strategy game, Castle Vox which is a handsome little Risk-inspired conquer-the-world affair. Space-faring Evochron: Mercenary and Smugglers IV also appear in the bundle along with Fate Of The World, a game about saving the world from environmental disaster.

This neat little video shows off all five games after which, if you are interested, you can head here to find out more about the games in the bundle and locate the nice big ‘BUY NOW’ button.

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