Show Me The Games

Show Me The Games

This is a great idea, Show Me The Games is a portal to a whole bunch of indie games like AI War, Gratuitous Space Battles, World of Goo and 17 others. The concept is explained in detail by Positech’s Cliff Harris but it pretty much boils down to an attempt to create an indie game portal, and a simple example of what indie games are.

The site shows off all 20 indie games taking part in the project in a randomized order whenever the page is refreshed. It is a simple idea and I find myself immediately wondering why something like this wasn’t done before. Whatever the reason, it is a living breathing entity that happily points you in the direction of a great bunch of indie games. Check it out.

One thought on “Show Me The Games

  1. I think Steam does a decent job of showcasing indie games right under the big ads. I usually scrolldown/scan down to see what interesting games Steam has today, compared to the big titles I already know are up there.

    Especially their Steam sales are just as worthy of the indie packs, hell, sometimes I feel like I’m stealing the game, but then I end up paying some extra for their very decent soundtrack, like with Shatter.

    But yes, this site is a great idea. Maybe intregrate it with steam as an Indie-only portal for Steam?

    I’m..totally biased to Steam. Very spoiled >.>

    I am not a bot! and I know Steam takes a percentage.

    I just like having all my games in one spot.

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