Sim City- The People Have Spoken

Sim City- The People Have Spoken

Amidst all the reddit posts, twitter rants and  facebook memes, it’s difficult to put a figure on just how many people have been angered by the release of Sim City. Well, now you can; it’s 76,008 people and counting.

Over at, a petition has now amassed over 76,000 signatures. Its demands are simple; the removal of always-on DRM from Sim City and all future EA titles. Whilst the always-on requirement of Sim City was denied by EA as being a DRM restriction, apparently being a technical limitation brought on by ‘offsetting’ simulation calculations, many players have proven that the game runs just fine after removing the internet cable from their machines.

The tragic thing is, although 76,000 people seems like a large number, the estimated sales of Sim City make it a microscopic proportion of its player base. Have the angry shouts of the minority drowned out the legions of contented fans, or are we still only just seeing the tip of an incredibly dissatisfied iceberg?

Will it make a difference? Who knows. Back in September Ubisoft backpeddled from its always on DRM stance, citing consumer feedback as being the primary reason for its decision. Will EA also bow to consumer pressure, and will we ever see the removal of Sim City’s limitations?

All I know is my gut says maybe.

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