SimCity Trailer Shows off Disasters

SimCity Trailer Shows off Disasters

The SimCity franchise has a long, well established history on the PC stretching back to the original title back in 1989 with the last main game in the series, SimCity 4 being released back in 2003. Some of the best moments of those classic games came with the massive destructive events that would cause devastation in your cities. It is good to see that EA remember the heritage of the games as they have released a trailer showing off some of the disasters which will be present in the new game when it is released next year. Check out the trailer below.

One thought on “SimCity Trailer Shows off Disasters

  1. What a charming visual style and delivery. I particularly like the buildings rising under repair.

    I did wonder if they were going to show UFOs at all, or just tease it. My cynicism was ill deserved, it seems.

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