SimSocial Launched

SimSocial Launched


I stumbled accross SimSocial after reading about it on Cliffski’s blog. Interestingly enough, SimSocial is based on Cliffski’s excellent Kudos 2.

SimSocial is just likeKudos 2, just based in a Sims 3 styled interface and world. It may just be another extension of the Sims franchise but by using Kudos 2 as the basis it is a very good extension. I loved Kudos 2 though it seems I never got around to reviewing it. I thought it was a well made and innovative take on the life-sim genre.


SimSocial is well worth having a play with, if only to give you a little taste of Sims goodness. You can play it by yourself here or you can play it with your friends on Facebook

If you enjoy SimSocial it may be worth checking out the demo for Kudos 2 to see what the original game is like.


13 thoughts on “SimSocial Launched

  1. I found that I could only play SimSocial for about 10 minutes and then my Sim would “go to sleep” for 4 hours. It’s really annoying and I can’t figure out why this is necessary.

  2. yeah i know. i really hate that. and after like a day it’ll make you stop for 10 minutes. that’s soo majorly annoying. i wish they didn’t do that. grr

  3. fun game, but the waiting does annoy quite a bit. Plus if i catch a cold then my day is totally ruined.

  4. Yeah, and also, one of my Sims got a cold and it lasted 4 weeks! And, since you can’t socialize while you have a cold, he lost all of his friends! Grr. I wish it wasn’t so addicting.

    It used to make me wait 4 hours every 5 minutes, now it’s making me wait 10 minutes every like 10 seconds. For instance, there have been several times where the 10 minutes have ended, I said “go for a jog” and then right after I clicked that the next 10 minutes started! It was literally only a couple seconds. This is ridiculous, they’re just trying to get us addicted. And it’s working…

  5. If you hate the waiting, try kudos :D it doesn’t have any delays like that and it has full screen PC-style graphics (none of this flash business :D)

  6. The 10 minute wait is a pain in the back side, but it does remind me that I have other things to do…
    Also, I’ve had a virus for the last 6 weeks almost. I’m not impressed, I have lost all my friends and am really bored of doing the same thing over and over because I don’t have any money. ‘-.- There should be a way of taking something for it…

  7. The waiting is extremely annoying, but even worse, I keep getting stuck in a time warp! I will get logged out, and when I come back I’ve lost several days of play. Like I will go from $600 and a new education level to $150 and several days away from achieving that education level. WTF?

  8. Okay, for those of you who are not paying attention to the side panel… Everybody, apparently! When your sims energy gets low your sim “sleeps” so do more activities that raise your energy, or at least don’t lower it. Stuff like reading, doing the crossword puzzle, and whatnot. Taking a bath will help keep your energy up and I do that every Sunday with my SimSocial, Rosa. Also, getting sick is usually a result of not cleaning your house or yourself (another reason to take a bath) regularly enough. If you’ve played Sims you remember the bugs that would result in not cleaning up the house, right? (Or how some Sims might die of flies.) It’s perfectly alright to do these horrible things to your Sim on purpose. (What?! I wanted a graveyard. Don’t look at me like that, they look cool!) You can also get sick from stess so do some things that are not so stressful. Also, there’s a book for how to deal with stress that might help some.

    Just some helpful game play tips.

    1. hey i was wondering how do you get baths
      i looked every where in all of the shops and still no luck
      i know its so simple but i don’t understand

      please help

  9. PS: The time warp happens to me. I think it is a saving error, I would recommend saving more often. I don’t have a better solution for that one.

  10. I’m playing SimSocial on Facebook. I’ve been able to get my career up and buy a few things but I can’t keep friends no matter what! I can’t afford to go out every night and when I DO try to go out several times in a week, the events suck. I get a bad movie, horrible dinner, etc.
    I can’t get my coolness up at all. I’ve tried reading different books and I’ve done all the activities which is very costly.
    Also I bought a car but can’t drive it! Any suggestions? (Yes I took driving lessons…about 8 times so far)

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