Skyrim Dominates Steam (and Football Manager 2009 beats Red Orchestra 2)

Skyrim Dominates Steam (and Football Manager 2009 beats Red Orchestra 2)

As we all could have guessed, Modern Warfare 3 is leading the all formats chart this week, but it isn’t having its’ own way on Steam. The current figures from Steam stats show 94,076 people currently playing Bethesda’s epic with 39,289 people playing Modern Warfare 3 when adding up multiplayer and singleplayer versions. Hit the jump for some more stats.

Skyrim peaked today on Steam with a massive 287,411 players, an enormous figures, and looking at my friends list right now, I am the only person in a game not playing Skyrim. I in fact am playing Football Manager 2012 which is currently sitting fourth in the player numbers list. Indeed, the entire series is doing well with six different versions of the game in the top 100 list of games being played right now including Football Manager 2009 which has peaked today with 1,252 players compared to a peak of 1,097 for Red Orchestra 2.

It is a shame that Battlefield 3 wasn’t released via Steam, then we would be able to directly compare PC player numbers against Modern Warfare 3. As it is, Bad Company 2 is currently sitting well behind Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, it is even behind the much criticised Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

Don’t expect to see this on a regular basis, but these stats do provide a very interesting insight into what people are playing on the PC, albeit limited to Steam titles.

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