Sniper Next for Team Fortress 2 Update

Sniper Next for Team Fortress 2 Update

Team Fortress 2

Valve’s Greg Cherlin has revealed over on the Team Fortress 2 blog that the Sniper will be the next class to get a major update. The Sniper update is going to be one of the largest TF2 updates so far.

The update will feature multiple new maps, gameplay tweaks and obviously the update for the Sniper. Before we get the Sniper update there will be something else appearing which will feature more content for all of the classes.

What do you think we will see coming for the Sniper? My bet is that he will get a chair to sit down on when camping out to take the strain off his legs.


11 thoughts on “Sniper Next for Team Fortress 2 Update

  1. The main weapon tends to be a subtle change, so I’m thinking maybe a Dart Tranquiliser gun that deals damage over time, slows, or otherwise hinders the opponents – but removes head shot crits.

    Not sure about the others.

  2. Urgh, because nothing is more fun in an online FPS than being slowed or hindered.

    Sorry to come off all grumpy old man there, but that’s because I am grumpy. I didn’t like Natascha, and I pretty much despise the Sandman. I’m not old, though. Just an ingrate.

    I think something to make the sniper more of a team player would be good – and before anyone jumps on me, I know that snipers often play a valuable role. I was thinking that something which would cause a visible benefit to the whole of the team would be great – my first thought was that they could act as spotters for some kind of aerial bombardment, although I’ve no idea how that would be balanced against say, sentry farms.

  3. I say a rear view mirror. My biggest annoyance as a Sniper is getting stabbed/batted/shot/maimed from behind whilst zoomed in.

    A little rear view in exchange for some power/reload speed or similar would be nice.

    Or: just a huge elephant. To ride. I can dream!

  4. I like the idea of the mirror, but I don’t see how that would work really ;)

    Having a decoy is a marvellous idea, but would you get to control him? Or would he just stand somewhere like a moron?

    I think something with an elephant would be the best addition for the added humour, if you can ride him into battle then that would be damn awesome :D

  5. I think it would be a fair trade to make a gun that does 50% of the full damage instantly, but doesn’t get more powerful than that. So you can have one gun for twitch shots, and another for the more patient snipers. And yeah, the submachine gun really has to go. I vote for a bloody great magnum.

  6. I vote for replacing the submachine gun with a Chair and Beer. The sniper takes 95% less damage, can’t move or shoot and any player that walks by him pulls up a stool and starts having a chat.

  7. “Or would he just stand somewhere like a moron?”

    That would make an awesome sniper decoy. Most of the time, you wouldn’t see the difference at all :-P

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