Sonic Generations Launch Trailer

Sonic Generations Launch Trailer

SEGA have sent through the official launch trailer for Sonic Generations, bucking the recent trend in ‘launch’ trailers by being released somewhat close to the actual release date (Uncharted 3 we’re looking at you. Well, actually, we’ve been looking at you for two weeks and waiting for you to get to it, but whatever).

The early reviews seem to suggest that Generations may well have found a winning formula, but we couldn’t possibly comment on the veracity of other review sources. Or conveniently link to their opinions. As a delaying tactic whilst we formulate our stance on the Sonic issue, know that some Sonic related shenanigans may find their way onto the Reticule soon…

Sonic Generations will be released on November 4th on 360, PS3 and PC, though the North American version arrives November 1st. A version exclusively featuring side-scrolling platforming and a different selection of zones will be released for the Nintendo 3DS.

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