Sonic Generations PC Confirmed (and Screenshots)

Sonic Generations PC Confirmed (and Screenshots)

Sonic Generations is a game it seems that everyone wants to love, but nobody seems entirely sure whether they can really trust it. By its very nature it’s a two faced attempt to have and eat a whole lot of cake: are you in it for pudgy Sonic, or his radicalised elongated son? Is it really going to work having levels from the three main eras (which can surely only be described as ‘Classic’, ‘Meh…’ and ‘Oh dear’)? Are we looking at a spectacular double-act or some kind of hideous monster of a game that tears itself asunder by the sheer force of its mismatched parts?

Well, everyone wants to love it, except PC gamers who’ve had the luxury of sitting on the fence for about half a decade. Last release PC players saw was Mehji period swansong Sonic Heroes, so feelings about the series’ alleged decline probably aren’t on the strong side (and counting myself among this lot, I must ask: when did Sonic started running around Florence like an even more conspicuous member of the Assassin Brotherhood?)

Well, your excuses for sitting on the fence have been revoked, thanks to news that Sonic Generations is finding its way onto the PC. Which is all rather poetic really. The PC has played its part in Sonic history too: at least one version of each Mega Drive, Mega CD and Saturn Sonic games have appeared at some point, and Sonic Adventure and Heroes made it too.

SEGA are promising a release on PC, 360 and PS3 for 4th November. The PC release will be Steamworks integrated, with achievements, leaderboards, Steam cloud saves and full stereoscopic 3D. Releases to venues other than Steam is implied, but not specified at this time. News of the release originally leaked via boxed listings, and a PC retail release is also on the cards.

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