Space Battles Go Gratuitous in New Video

Space Battles Go Gratuitous in New Video

A debut gameplay trailer has been released by Positech Games (aka Cliff Harris) for the upcoming space battle simulator known as Gratuitous Space Battles 2.

In this video, Cliff shows off nine minutes of in-game action from this pre-alpha build. As the game is still very early in the development stages, don’t take things for final. The makeup of the fleets in the battle Cliff shows off aren’t final, and the colour schemes on the ships shouldn’t be taken as the final styles. However, many of the in-battle effects are up to speed while some of the in-battle user interface elements are working towards their final layout.

It is a neat little video, though Cliff is certainly busy working on further updates. I’m hoping to sneak a peak at the Eurogamer Expo later this month, or at least steal a few minutes of Cliff’s time. There are a few points to know about Gratuitous Space Battles 2:

  • uses the ‘pay to buy it’ model that was so popular in the days before Kickstarter
  • Target platforms are PC,Mac and Linux
  • Don’t a expect mobile/tablet release
  • Multiple monitors are supported up to 5120 res, or even more!
  • It is probably the only indie game of the past year not to use the Unity game engine
  • It uses a custom made game engine!

Find out more here.

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