Spore Gets Expansion: AIMs Sharpen Pitchforks

Spore Gets Expansion: AIMs Sharpen Pitchforks

Space and Sky, living in har-mony.

According to Shacknews, among other sources, EA have today announced that Spore will be receiving an expansion in Spring under than name of ‘Galactic Adventures’. That’s all we have to go on at the moment, except a tentative March release date the retail shops are putting down. After the (surprising) success of Spore in the PC charts since it’s release, it’s an obvious business move, but the title of the expansion is somewhat confusing, at least when you’ve played the game.

‘Galactic Adventures’ instantly makes you think that they’re expanding the space stage of the game, already the largest of the five. Again, it seems that EA/Maxis are kind of missing the point about why Spore wasn’t critically lauded or played for more than a few days by those who bought it (at least those who frequent the gaming quandrant of the internet). There wasn’t enough substance to the first four stages, and there was far too much micomanagement in the final stage. I’m hoping that this expansion is going to address those troubles, as the ‘Adventures’ after ‘Galactic’ hints at; you’ll hopefully be given far more freedom to terraform and just explore the galaxy without having to run back every five minutes to trade spice or save your ally’s best friend’s nephew’s colony from suffering ecological disaster. Apart from that, more stuff to make the game fun, please.

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