Square Enix Steaming Up [UPDATE]

Square Enix Steaming Up [UPDATE]


In a move that I can only assume is inspired by their soon to be bought pals Eidos, Square Enix have announced that they will be bringing their games to Steam, starting with The Last Remnant on April 9th.  Possibly only in North America, the press release is sending mixed messages about that.

I am a bit of a Square Enix fan, if this leads to final fantasies making their way onto Steam then I may end up severely out of pocket as I rebuy all the ones that don’t work on my PS3.  The best thing I can spot in this news is Square Enix’s committment to BOTH the “North American and PAL territories”.  From a company that has been known to stagger its releases between these regions by anything up to two years, this is a major breakthrough.

However, the beginning of the press release does happen to completely ignore PAL gamers in favour of the Americans alone, which sounds a little more like Square.  Either way, good news for the Yanks, potentially good news for the Europeans.  Eventually.


[UPDATE] Seems Square Enix have decided to put their games on the EU Steam too.  Good on you, Squeenix!  It’s about time.

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