Starbreeze has Bourne Again (Sorry)

Starbreeze has Bourne Again (Sorry)

Look at the pecs he got.

EA has purchased the rights to Robert Ludlum’s (I should probably Paul Greengrass’s) Bourne franchise, and thus the rights to make the game. It’s not quite clear yet whether EA have the rights to Matt Damon’s likeness and the film’s story, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they were going after it if they hadn’t already secured it. Starbreeze, of Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness fame, are going to be developing it, which is the biggest positive of this whole thing, what with, y’know, making one of the few awesome film tie-in games. More thoughts below.

Once Starbreeze are done with Dark Athena (the revamp and followup to Butcher Bay), something in the adaptive spy genre would seem like a good match for them. They’ve shown they can nail hand to hand combat and stealth, while at the same time creating a very vivid and virile world for the protagonist to creep around in. It’ll also be interesting to see if they go for the expected third person route to keep Bourne on screen at all times, or opt for their more familiar first person perspective. If they are using their Riddick engine, then I’d certainly see the latter as a more viable option, but then again Riddick does feature a lot of third person bits. Regardless, it’s going to be interesting.

No word on a release date yet, but here’s a trailer for the new Riddick game, just to get you excited about the studio.

6 thoughts on “Starbreeze has Bourne Again (Sorry)

  1. Dare I say it…but is there a chance that we may see some more movie to game adaptations? Yes I know there were the books too…but lets ignore that for now eh?

  2. The Bourne series has been one of my favourites for a while – being the sucker for the adaptive spy that I am – and if I can get my hands on an adaptation better than that dire one from Sierra/High Moon last year I’ll be a happy man.

    And really, the quickest way to figure out if it’s a faithful adaptation is if the car chase gives you motion sickness. I love them to pieces, but they’re worse than Cloverfield.

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