Stardock – Game a Year for Next Five

Stardock – Game a Year for Next Five

Stardock’s Brad Wardell has spoken to Gamasutra (via videogaming247) and has revealed that his company plan on releasing a title in the first quarter of every year for the next five, or maybe even six years.

The Stardock CEO told Gamasutra:

“What we try to do is we want to release a title every first quarter of every year. For as far out as our schedule goes — that’s five or six years — there’s a game coming out.”

Which is a very good thing for us as Stardock are known for being very PC focused. Planned for release in February 2009 is Gas Powered Games hybrid RPG/RTS Demigod. Coming in February 2010 is Elemental: War of Magic the next game from the development team behind the Galactic Civilizations games.

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