Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Rush Bros

Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Rush Bros

There are many games on Steam Greenlight that I really should be playing, more than I have time for, but earlier today I took the time to have a quick blast with a fast-paced platformer which uses the beats of your own music to alter levels as you play. The name of the game?

Rush Bros.

It supports online play (though I haven’t found any games to join yet) and split-screen alongside a single-player mode. In the online and split-screen modes, you can pick up different objects which will alter your opponents level hindering their progress to the finish line, their character might see the gravity on their level get flipped, or areas get blacked out so they can’t see the obstacles in their path.

It is most definitely a fun little platformer with instant respawns and some innovative level design. It is a shame that at the moment it only supports .mp3 and .ogg music formats, it means that the majority of my music collection can’t be imported, but from my little test so far I can definitely say that it is worth checking out the demo to see if it is up your street.

The team at XYLA Entertainment are aiming to get Greenlit so they can implement Steamworks so they can add online matchmaking, leaderboards and voice chat. They are also planning to release an Android version, and ultimately there will be cross-platform play between PC, Mac and Android users.

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