Steam Workshop To Expand Further With Civ5

Steam Workshop To Expand Further With Civ5

Civilization V is going to be the next addition to the ever growing Steam Workshop when the Gods & Kings expansion drops later this month. Civilization V was released with an in-game mod database, but as detailed on this 2K Games blog they are going one step further with the use of the Workshop which will work with both the base game and the expansion. This announcement comes in the wake of Toki Tori 2 revealing it will use the Workshop, and of course the opening of the DOTA 2 Workshop.

Valve have clearly hit on an exciting market with the Workshop, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see many other titles make use of the service further down the line. ARMA 3 springs to mind as a game that would work perfectly with Valve’s latest toy. What games do you want to see make use of the Workshop?

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