Step into Corvo’s World – Dishonored’s Interactive Trailer

Step into Corvo’s World – Dishonored’s Interactive Trailer

These interactive trailer thingy-mabobs are popular aren’t they? Today Arkane Studios presents an impressively complex and varied video adventure of an early Dishonored level which poses more questions than it answers.

Before you read on, you should probably check it out. For the full experience, play full screen. Make sure annotations are turned on, or you will not be able to select your path.

[youtube id=”dta5Ge-11_8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Did you see that? Somewhere on my play through a mysterious annotation flashed on-screen with a 12-digit code. Unfortunately I have no idea where that code is supposed to be used. And who’s this Outsider cove? He seems to be responsible for some of the more eldritch of Dunwall’s horrors.

Arkane’s/Bethesda’s advertising folk really know what they are doing and I imagine whoever put this set of videos together had fun doing it. It feels like it has been a long time since there’s been such interest and excitement in a single-player FPS release.

Dishonored is coming out October 12th on PC, Xbox360 and PS3.


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