Stompy Robots and Beardy Wizardry Both Free!

Stompy Robots and Beardy Wizardry Both Free!

I feel like 'pew pew' is far too high in pitch for the size of these lasers. Perhaps 'pow pow' would be better.

Seems like a good day to be a PC gamer. Firstly, to mark the 25th anniversary of Battletech, Smith & Tinker are allowing, a Mechwarrior community site, to give away Mech Warrior 4 and all of its expansions for free, to go with the announcement of a new Mechwarrior game. Blimey, that’s a lot of stompy robots for better than cheap. While they haven’t quite launched it yet, keep an eye on the website for download details. Mechwarrior 4 is known to be perhaps one of the less than classic Mechwarrior titles, I still have fond memories of loading up my MadCat with far too many EMP lasers and heat sinks, and trying to melt everything with hydraulics.

Angry Skulls! Like Regular Skulls, but with Angry Eyes!

The second wonderful freebie is the second Elder Scrolls game, Daggerfall, given by those generous guys over at Bethesda for the lovely price of 128mb, and no pennies. It’s widely regarded, despite me never having played it, although I’m really rather sorely tempted, regardless of my dwindling hard drive space. You can grab it here, although you’ll need DOSBox, which you can get here. Go, enjoy, and take your pick between angry houses on legs or beards and fireballs.

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