Strange Brigade Gets a Launch Trailer

Strange Brigade Gets a Launch Trailer

In a few short days, Strange Brigade, from the team behind the Sniper Elite games, will be released on these shores for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To celebrate the impending release on Tuesday 28th August, developers Rebellion Games have unveiled the official launch trailer. Hit the break for more.

I am certainly excited for Strange Brigade, and had spent a little bit of time playing it at EGX last year, and wrote a few short words about it as well. I’m thinking back, and wishing I’d had a chance to play it some more, there was a certain charm to the game, which comes across in the trailer above. Set in 1930s Egypt, Seteki the Witch Queen has risen from her 4,000 year imprisonment with four heroes, known as the titular Strange Brigade, standing up against her undead armies.

When I played the game at EGX, I was playing the game solo, and even then, I was having a riot. The action turned Sniper Elite’s sleath focus on its head, being part of the Brigade means you are facing hordes of enemies, humongous bosses and dodging weird and wonderful traps. It certainly wasn’t slow paced, and more important that what the gameplay is like, I want to emphasise that it was fun. So many action games might have great mechanics, impressive storytelling or AAA-visuals, but they aren’t always fun to play (even if they might be, subjectively, really good). Strange Brigade looked set to be both really good, and fun.

With the promise of 4-player co-op, I’m hoping to persuade some of the other members Reticule Towers to jump in with me and tell the tales of the Strange Brigade.

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