Summerbatch Collection Released

Summerbatch Collection Released

In last week’s ‘Our Week in Games’, I briefly grumbled about the difficulties in producing my very own point and click adventure. Having spent four years attempting and failing to bring mine to a close, I’ve developed a rather begrudging respect for anyone able to add to my ever-growing library of pointy-clickery.

Apparently just wanting to rub salt into my wounds and laugh at my failure, this week Screen 7 has combined five brand new adventure games produced by the AGS community into the Summerbatch collection.

From now until the 11th November, you can acquire five original adventures for the rather reasonable cost of whatever you want to pay for it. Proceeds from the sales are being divided between the independent developers of the titles and Special Effect, a charity dedicated to helping young people with disabilities to enjoy computer games.

Finally, someone’s had the sense to buy the guy from Watchmen some trousers.


Mark Lovegrove, founder of Screen 7 had this to say:

“Summerbatch is aimed to help people create & deliver excellent games & earn from their work. At the same time, the more we raise, the more we give to charity.”

The collection presents a rather eclectic mix of fantasy, sci-fi and stealth in both point and click and top-down format. When a collection gives you the choice between playing a down-and-out sex worker or an old man in a hostage situation, you can be relatively certain you’ll find at least something to interest you. Whilst the quality of the games is hardly AAA, given the extremely brief development time, the sheer variety of experiences available here is a testament to the imagination of the AGS community.

Nurse? Can you speak to Mr Thompson in room seven? He’s claiming he’s been abducted by pirates again.

Each game comes in at an hour or so of playtime, depending on your skill at combining inventory items with each-other. Still, five hours of gaming for a completely negotiable price is not to be sniffed at.

The Summerbatch collection is available for purchase from the main website here.

Finally, a warning, straight from Mark:

“Some games feature adult themes, mild violence and occasional bad language, therefore Summerbatch is not recommended for younger players. Flashing images are also present. Please remember to take a break from playing every 30 minutes or so. Please don’t look directly into the Sun. It’s dangerous & you won’t find any Screen 7 games there.”

Wise words.

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