Super Meat Boy Gets Graphic, and Papery!

Super Meat Boy Gets Graphic, and Papery!

Sickeningly delicious.

Edmund McMillen, who we interviewed the other day, has released a trailer for his upcoming remake of his old game, Super Meat Boy. It’s deeply unsettling, and apparently, ‘the teaser is a huge throw back to those early 90s animated MTV video bumpers, Liquid Television and NES video game commercials.’ From the man himself, so it must be true. Not only this, but cubeecraft have made a cutesy little papercraft blueprint for Super Meat Boy, in the same vein as the Left 4 Dead tank papercraft that’s out there. You just print it off and glue it together, and voila, instant collectible. Or something. The trailer is below, and just be warned; it’s really rather creepy.

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