Supermarkets’ false deals on Gears of War

Supermarkets’ false deals on Gears of War

Supermarkets, full of food and ever expanding into the entertainment sector they are becoming ever more aggressive in their video game pricing for the AAA releases. However, some of the recent deals highlighted by MCV for Gears of War 3 are something of a false deal.

These are the three deals which catch my eye:

Morrisons: £37.99. Also available for £25 when purchased with a £17.49 Xbox Live Points Card, making the total £42.49.

Tesco: £39.90. Also available for £28 when purchased with a £18.99 Xbox Live Points Card, making the total £46.99.

Sainsbury’s: £39.99. Also available for £33 when purchased with one of a selection of Xbox Live membership or points cards.

In my mind, these deals are false, you are encouraged by the cheap list price of the game at £25 or so, but only when you buy a points card. I distinctly remember the Sainsbury’s deal last year for FIFA allowing you to get the game for a great price of around £20 when you spent £30 elsewhere in the store.

They are simple tricks which make you think that you are getting a great deal, even though you will end up spending more in total than you would originally plan. Of course, the supermarkets employ similar methods with their loyalty cards giving you bonus points when you spend a figure a few pounds over your normal weekly spend.

I won’t say that the deals from GAME and Gamestation recently have been much better, trading in a recently purchased full price game to get the newest release for only a few pounds nets them money back on the new sale along with another pre-owned game to add to their collection, the area where their margins are highest.

What I would like to see is the supermarkets offering real value for money by selling AAA releases for £30 for the first week of release, no catches. It works with DVD and Blu-Ray, they should stop the false commodities on their game deals and provide customers with a real money saver.

2 thoughts on “Supermarkets’ false deals on Gears of War

  1. Not sure I see the problem really, or at least, this is the least negative way to structure such a deal. Xbox live points are static in price, so you’re getting as many points as you’re putting up money for – the deal, is essentially ‘buy Gears of War 3 and get a whole bunch of insanely awesome XBox Live titles (Super Meat Boy! Limbo! Geometry Wars!) / inevitable GoW 3 DLC for £42.99’.

    Game and Gamestation want you to trade in your own property for a meagre discount. The deal is almost always specifically calculated to give you less money for that trade-in than you’d get selling it on ebay or wherever.

    The only positive difference is that you have that grace period of going home to pick up the game and think ‘f*** that, this is stupid’ that you don’t get with the supermarket deals.

    Mind you, I’d prefer to see Muller Crunch Corners return to their 6 for £2, pre-recession price-point. Money grabbing btards.

  2. This may be so but what if the consumer wanted points in the first place, there’s bound to be DLC for the game they’re buying at some point.

    Supermarkets usually have brilliant deals on pre-orders too. Have a look at Tesco at the moment. 20% off MW3/FIFA 12 pre-order bringing them to around £35. Can’t say I have seen a better offer than that anywhere else.

    Plus if you get points at a rate of £1 = 1 point unlike GAME where £4 = 1 point

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