Syndicate Launch Trailer Blasts Your Eardrums With Awesome

Syndicate Launch Trailer Blasts Your Eardrums With Awesome

With the release of Startbreeze Studio’s re-imagining of the Syndicate series just over a week away, a new trailer has been released showing us clips of storyline and the innovative chip hacking combat. Syndicate is an overhaul of Bullfrog Productions original tactical shooter series from the 90’s.

Set in 2069 major corporations known as Syndicates have taken control of whole regions of the world and transformed the way they interact with the world and live their daily lives. Civilians are provided with implanted brain chips by the Syndicates, allowing them access to housing, education, medical treatment, jobs and everything needed to survive. But this comes at a cost with the corporations able to access information on the users behaviour and even control them.

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