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Team Fortress 2 Scout Update Announced

Team Fortress 2 Scout Update Announced


And guess what?  It’s next week!

Yes, Valve has let it be known that work on the Scout Update has almost reached completion, and they’re going to kindly drip feed us info over the next week to tell us exactly what everyone’s favourite Ritalin addict will be getting come the 24th.

You can find the info page here, and you’ll want to check back on the days stated.  The first reveal, The Sandman bat, looks pretty awesome if I’m honest, so I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got cooking.

Reckon he’ll get that sandvich now, fatty.

The Scout speaks: Valve Time countdown starts now

The Scout speaks: Valve Time countdown starts now

Listenin' to me?
/Initiating irritating voice/

Listen, man! There’s like, a whole bunch o’ new stuff promised for me, dude! I’m gettin’ a new promotion, okay? Do you have any idea how significant this is? Are you even listening? More stuff to hurt people with!

Stuff. Nails?
Just perhaps dude. Here’s the cool thing: Robin Walker, one of my employers at Valve (although they can’t control me for shit, I mean like, they don’t own me [Yes they do – Ed.]), said this yesterday:

We’re just about done with the Scout pack, and our design and coding has already moved on to the next pack. The weapons and achievements are all nailed down and we just have to finish up the final artwork on them.

That’s indeed very much what I’m talking about, brudda! Woo!

Suck eeeet!