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Armored Kill Launches On PS3 – Vehicular Warfare At It’s Finest

Armored Kill Launches On PS3 – Vehicular Warfare At It’s Finest

Yesterday, September the 4th, was a very exciting day for all PS3 owners of Battlefield 3‘s Premium service. Armored Kill is finally available to this select group of individuals and there are many reasons they should feel lucky.

If it wasn’t for the fact that being an Xbox 360 non-Premium owner, I have to wait another three weeks to get my hands on this DLC, I probably would be too busy playing this to actually write anything about it. But as things are I’m here, envisaging all the reasons I will be downloading Armored Kill as soon as it’s humanly possible for me to do so.

For one it has the biggest Battlefield map of all time Bandar Desert, home to the devastating new AC-130 gunships which you’ve probably seen in the gameplay trailer released for Armored Kill at July’s E3 event. It also has three other maps, Alborz Mountain, Death Valley and Armored Shield, all which look stunning in their own right and offer more of what I think Battlefield 3 is all about, large scale open combat.

On top of the customary four new maps released, there are also five new vehicles (six if you include the AC-130), five new assignments, five new achievements/trophies and a new game mode, Tank Superiority. The new game mode sees everyone controlling their own tank, either an MBT or a destroyer, with the aim of trying to take control of the only flag on the map. Much like in a King of the Hill style game, the flag is often placed in a very open position and as such it is wise not to try and capture it alone.

Expect many opinions and reviews in the coming weeks about Armored Kill, from us here at the Reticule.

Armored Kill is available now for PS3 Premium members, September 11th for PC and Xbox 360 Premium members, September 18th for PS3 non-Premium members and September 25th for Xbox 360 non-Premium members.